This is a cost-effective Chinese Hi-end amplifier

——Reviewed by the famous audio-visual magazine “Audio-visual Frontline”

Tonewinner Flagship Hi-end Amplifiers

When it comes to Chinese audio brands, enthusiasts will casually count 10 or 8. The 1990s was the time when many Chinese audio brands were founded, and Chinese audio brands mushroomed in front of the World At that time, the hot audio market pushed the home-made audio into a short golden age.

When entering the era of computers and mobile phones, audio products are no longer popular with ordinary consumers, the audio market tends to be rational, the size of the consumer group is also shrinking, for a time, audio products “overcapacity” , resulting in very fierce market competition Many manufacturers have been unable to escape the law of survival of the fittest market and have closed down, and can survive and good development of domestic audio manufacturers are few.

With the development of digital technology, and some manufacturers of traditional audio products cannot keep up with the pace of the times, at this time, few of the remaining established domestic audio enterprises, and Tonewinner is one of them.

Tonewinner’s predecessor was founded in 1992, Chengdu Yadi Mechanical and Electrical Research Institute, in 1999 Yadi moved to Guangzhou, renamed as Guangzhou Tonewinner Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tonewinner started out as a Karaoke Bar, and its R & D Center is made up of more than a dozen masters in electrical, mechanical, and electronics from China University of Technology and the Chengdu University of Science and Technology.

At that time the R & D Technology in the domestic leading position, in the field of high-fidelity amplifier also has a high attainments, with the development of the Chinese audio market has launched a number of classic machines, deeply loved by audio enthusiasts; In the popularity of Home Theater, Tonewinner has made great efforts to develop Av Center and Speaker System. After many years of their own efforts, the casting of “Tonewinner” this Chinese audio brand. Its products are exported to Canada, Australia, South Korea and other places, the momentum of rapid development.

The three-piece set from Tonewinner, a TY-1CD player, AD-1PRE and AD-1PA Stereo, was sent to our studio this time.

In terms of appearance design, the three products are the same as the previous Tonewinner’s Hi-Fi products. They are made of the classic black-and-white all-aluminum Alloy and represent Tonewinner’s consistent simple, elegant and atmospheric design style the body shell adopts anodizing technology to ensure that the color of the body remains bright as new for a long time.


TY-1CD CD Player

First, let’s look at the TY-1CD CD player, which provides a set of XLR and RCA analog outputs. The digital output provides a set of fiber, coaxial and AES outputs. The disc reading mechanism is a custom-made movement for Tonewinner. It was selected by Tonewinner’s designers after more than 20 trials and trials. The overall structure is firm and reliable, and a metal shockproof base is provided, which has excellent shockproof cushioning. The effect can effectively suppress the influence of self and external vibration on the optical reading system, reduce the generation of errors and improve the accuracy of reading.

The decoder chip adopts ESS9028, its signal-to-noise ratio is as high as 129dB, the total distortion is lower than -120dB, and the maximum input signal of 32bit/384kHz is supported. In order to maximize the performance of the DAC chip, Tonewinner specially customized a CS2000, the top-grade high-precision clock system module from Cirrus Logic. This clock system uses a programmable delta-sigma fractional-frequency analog PLL (phase-locked loop) frequency synthesizer to stabilize the frequency synthesis/clock generation of the reference clock and generate a lower synchronous clock than the external noise at frequencies as low as 50 Hz. Jitter clock. What makes the CS2000 even more unique is that it can provide both a clock generator and a clock clearing function with a single IC. This integration reduces the number of components and board space required for an audio system, greatly reducing jitter and recreating more realistic sound.

  The analog circuit part of the TY-1CD CD player uses the TI’s top-of-the-range fully differential op amp OPA1632 to reduce even harmonics, reduce common mode noise interference, and maximize the high-fidelity performance of balanced transmission signals. The RCA output uses TI’s top-of-the-line bipolar op amp OPA1612, and the ELNA audio dedicated capacitor is used with the signal coupling capacitor to provide a strong guarantee for the soft and flexible low frequency, pure and warm intermediate frequency, and fine and transparent high frequency.

  Tonewinner also attaches great importance to the power supply part. The TY-1CD adopts a high-quality toroidal transformer with a power of up to 50W, supplemented by ELNA high-capacity high-quality capacitors to form a multi-channel high-precision regulated power supply, which is separately powered by the digital/analog circuit. The various parts of the machine provide abundant and continuous power. In addition, each part of the machine is equipped with a separate chamber, which can isolate the various parts of the machine from each other and provide the purest working environment for each component.

AD-1PRE Preamp

The TonewinnerAD-1PRE preamplifier has three sets of RCA and one set of XLR inputs. The digital input has two sets of coaxial, two sets of optical fibers and one set of USB interfaces. The output provides one set of RCA and XLR. Let’s look at the digital processing part. The USB input of the computer adopts the XMOS solution. The digital receiving chip adopts the AK4118 24bit/192kHz digital receiving chip of Japan AKM. The decoding chip adopts the ESS9028 decoding chip of the US ESS, and has Cirrus Logic. The original clock system module, etc., in order to achieve the most faithful restoration of digital signals. The decoded signal is processed by the famous bipolar fully differential operating op amp OPA1632, and the whole machine uses four. OPA1632 has a good conversion rate, with the ESS9028 decoder chip, can create a crystal-clear sound effect.

The AD-1PRE preamp is designed for electronic volume. It uses the top electronic volume chip MUSES72320 from JRC, Japan. The potentiometer attenuation range is -111.5dB to +31.5dB. The step size is accurate 0.25dB setting, and the dynamic range is greater than or equal to 137. dB, in addition to the long-term use of the potentiometer is prone to poor contact, but also provides an excellent transmission bridge for the back-end equipment and lines. The output part uses two OPA1612, the most popular fever-rated operational amplifiers produced by Texas Instruments. The output also adds a TI-new field-effect JFET audio-specific fever op amp OPA1642. In addition, the audio channel uses a fever-grade product, such as the British black Benike polypropylene audio capacitors, many custom-made Japanese ELNA audio dedicated fever-grade electrolytic capacitors, etc., in order to present the most realistic and natural sound to the audience.

The AD-1PA has a user-friendly design. In order to meet the preferences of friends who like to use the machine, especially in the 10 times pre-amplified op amp circuit part of the signal input, it is equipped with an IC gold-plated socket that is convenient for the enthusiasts to switch the op amp. The LM4562 allows players to change the op amp to their liking so that they can fine tune the different tones.

Of course, the power supply is also unequivocal. Tonewinner equipped two transformers for the AD-1PRE preamp, a 150VA high-quality big ring cow and a 20W E cow respectively responsible for the main circuit of the whole machine and the high-fidelity power supply of the auxiliary display and control circuit. Each division does not interfere with each other.

AD-1PA Stereo Post Power Amplifier

The AD-1PA stereo rear stage has a net weight of up to 42 kg, is equipped with a 1200W high-power toroidal transformer, and is equipped with a 180,000μF custom large reservoir capacitor to provide a pure and abundant power supply. At the same time, the factory also shields the whole circuit into five independent cabinet structures: the left/right channel, the power storage and the output input are separately shielded by metal shielding boxes, which can avoid each Electromagnetic interference from some devices.



According to the manufacturer’s data, the AD-1PA’s amplifier circuit design uses the most balanced transmission and amplification method of the audio industry. It is the Darlington differential BTL bridge output, which is a completely balanced transmission amplification method, namely: full symmetry Fully balanced, differential input to BTL (bridge) power output. Each channel is driven by a pair of medium power tubes to drive 8 pairs of 150W Toshiba TTA1943/TTC5200 high-power tubes. The whole machine uses 32 units and provides 2×300W/8Ω full power output!

AD-1PA provides three modes of operation: forced A and B mode, that is, the amplifier is maintained in the AB mode; mandatory A is to maintain the latter in the A mode; there is an automatic mode, according to the temperature of the device, automatically Convert in class A / class AB. At the same time, AD-1PA provides two pairs of binding posts, so users can easily play various connections

Neutral and real voice

This audition was performed in the audition room of this magazine, with different price and level speakers such as Piega Classic 5.0, Starke A2, PMC OB1i, Vandersteen Wandenting 1C. In terms of connection, since the decoding part of the TY-1CD CD player and the AD-1PRE preamp is the same, the author prefers the decoding in the CD player (CD machine analog output). The first recording of the classic recording is “THE ROYAL BALLET”. At the beginning, it was the “travel” of Laochai’s “The Nutcracker Suite”. The first time I felt that the sound from the speaker was a very balanced sound, low IF. The thickness is slightly full, the extension and strength of the low frequency is better, and the overall sound performance is in line with the author’s needs. After listening to several music albums, the author has a layer of understanding of the sound performance of the three-piece set of the TY-1CD CD player, AD-1PRE preamp and AD-1PA stereo, which is worth sharing with readers.

This set of matching tastes is the type I like, transparent warm, high-pitched elegant, the tenor is bright, the bass is not bloated, the voice also carries a kind of thick light suitable musical flavor, also can say is “the courage flavor” , in addition, they create the sound field is broad, at the same time, there is a good knot like, and not like some equipment, the sound field wide, knot like also with the open. What about pitch depth? It’s not just a lean back, it’s a lean back, and the front, the back, is never on a flat surface, which reflects the accuracy of the system. Even when playing a Grand Symphony, the subtle and intricate sounds of the instruments are still played.

The transparency of this set is just right. Even if you record brighter music or songs, the sound from the speakers is still soft and not harsh because of the high transparency. When listening to brighter pop songs, this feeling, no excessive sound analysis and irritability, can be seen that the TY-1CD CD player, the AD-1PRE preamp and the AD-1PA stereo rear stage match well in the heat.

The ES9028 brings a lot of guarantees to the TY-1CD CD player and the AD-1PRE preamp with its good performance, especially the ultra-low distortion index, combined with the well-designed analog output stage, so that the sound has a very high degree of realism. Neutral with a touch of sweetness, which makes the music very resistant. I believe that curious friends will ask, TY-1CD CD player, AD-1PRE pre-level, what is the best output with coaxial output? Or is the analog output better? And the analog output chooses XLR or RCA? After the author’s comparison audition, the sounds of the three connections are very close, and the coaxial connection taste will be more intense (may be related to the coaxial cable used), the XLR sound is slightly analytical, while the RCA is It is a balance between taste and analytical power.

As for how to choose, this needs to be matched according to your wire and taste.


And the AD-1PA stereo rear class A and AB switching, I also play some. In the AB class, the control is quite good, while in the A class, the sound is more delicate and warmer, but it maintains good details, unlike some Class A machines. After more than an hour of use, the temperature of the fuselage is not too hot, thanks to the huge heat sink.

Finally, the author used the USB interface of the 2013 MacBook Pro test preamp. The AD-1PRE preamp uses the Micro USB interface. Although it can be used with some Android phones, the high-grade fever wire is compared. This interface is rare. The whole process is very convenient, and the sound is further improved when playing high-format documents. Of course, if you have more high-quality music files, it is also a good choice to buy Tonewinner’s TY-i30 digital player.


Specifications List

Model: TY-1CD

  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥108 (A weighting)
  • Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.005% (1KHz)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz (+0/-1dB)
  • Reference output level: 2V ± 1dB (1KHz)
  • Crosstalk (fundamental): ≥105dB (1kHz)
  • Channel imbalance: ≤1dB (1KHz)
  • Support music formats: CD, HDCD, SACD (CD layer), MP3, WMA
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Color: Silver
  • Net weight: 10.17Kg
  • Size: 444 × 114 × 410mm

Model: AD-1PRE

  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥108 (A weighting)
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 150KHz (+1 / -3dB)
  • Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.005% (1KHz)
  • Crosstalk (fundamental): ≥102dB (1kHz)
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Color: silver
  • Net weight: 10.1Kg
  • Size: 444 × 108 × 420mm


Model: AD-1PA

  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥108dB (A weighted, balanced input); ≥115dB (A weighted, unbalanced input)

Number of channels: 2

  • Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.008% (1KHz, normal working conditions)
  • Frequency response range: 10Hz-100KHz (+1/-3dB)
  • Rated impedance: 8Ω
  • Output power per channel: 300W (8Ω, THD=1%, 1KHz)
  • Power consumption: Class A mode static power consumption 260W~300W; Class A and B mode static power consumption 70W~110W
  • Standby power consumption: 1W
  • Resolution: ≥80
  • Gain: 29.5dB ± 1dB
  • Color: silver
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Net weight: 42kg
  • Size: 444 × 294 × 449mm


Tonewinner Hi-Fi Kit – TY-1CD CD player, AD-1PRE preamp and AD-1PA stereo rear stage, Tonewinner has integrated more than 20 years of technology and innovation into their body, the overall sound performance is quite pure. But without losing the taste of music, in fact, the true and the taste of music are never refuted, but we always like to strip Hi-Fi and music. In fact, the taste of music is in the real voice. If there is no music, then it is true. This set of combinations is very playable and is very suitable for friends who like to play.

Anything you are interested, please contact us.

Jack Tien

Product Manager