TD-S2 HIFI Bookshelf Speakers

The TD-S2 bookshelf speaker is a 2-way 2-unit inverted-phase bookshelf speaker. The high-quality speaker unit uses a 1.1-inch fever-grade silk film tweeter with high resolution and wide sound field. The sound quality is delicate and sweet, and the mid-woofer is 6.5. The inch has the characteristics of low distortion and high sensitivity, ensuring that the low frequency dive is deep but not muddy.

The bass of the TD-S2 bookshelf speaker is deep and powerful, deep dive, flexible, and the middle level is clear, the vocal reproduction is true, the treble is clear and beautiful; the appearance is elegant rose wood grain texture, adding an artistic atmosphere to the high-fidelity equipment.



Product model: TD-S2

Speaker configuration: 1”×1 tweeter+6.5’’×1 midrange

Frequency range: 50Hz-20KHz

Sensitivity: 88dB

Maximum power: 100W

Rated impedance: 4Ω

Machine size: 300 × 200 × 395mm

Net weight: about 18kg/1PC

Applicable occasions: venues for listening to sound rooms, clubs, demonstration halls, banquet halls, interpretation halls, etc.


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