TD-2 HIFI AV Home Theatre Speakers

This is a classic product designed in accordance with the HI-FI speaker concept. It lasted for several years, and its sound quality sound has always been the most worthy of the Tonewinner’s large floor-standing speakers: thickened cabinet plate, rigorous The meticulous crossover and solid materials, special custom-made imported units, outstanding texture, rich and noble color of the sour twigs, the sound is delicate and delicate, sweet and noble, and the sound pressure is magnificent…
All these features are the best of Tonewinner!
It is worthy of the pursuit of sound is very strict but I hope that the performance of the speaker is relatively high!


Three-unit floor-standing inverted speaker

Front speaker

  • Sensitivity: 87dB (1W·1M)
  • Frequency response range: 40-20KHz
  • Rated impedance: 4Ω
  • Rated power: 100W
  • Dimensions: 250 × 1005 × 320mm (W × H × D)
  • Net weight: 27 kg /pair

Center speaker:

  • Sensitivity: 87dB (1W·1M)
  • Frequency response range: 60-20KHz
  • Rated impedance: 4Ω
  • Rated power: 50W
  • Dimensions: 550 × 180 × 220mm (W × H × D)
  • Net weight: 4 kg /pc

Surround speakers:

  • Frequency response range: 75-20KHz
  • Rated impedance: 4Ω
  • Rated power: 25W
  • Dimensions: 180 × 300 × 210mm (W × H × D)
  • Net weight: 7.2 kg / pair


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