TY-W01 HIFI Wireless Digital Speaker

TY-W01 is a HIFI wireless digital speaker; it adopts a 2.1-channel independent sub-cavity structure design, which provides a strong guarantee for high quality sound.
TW-01 uses Bluetooth audio system, also has multi-function, multi-play method: support hotspot direct connection, LAN connection and Bluetooth transmission in wireless transmission; in local playback, support 128G U disk and TF card reading, support WAV Non-destructive high-quality music formats such as flac and APE also support compressed audio formats such as MP3 and AAC. It also comes with a color TFT display that can be used to display song names, singers and more.



  • Connecting to various devices: mobile phones, IPAD, notebooks, desktop computers, Bluetooth, SD cards, USB flash drives, CD players, amplifiers.
  • Support WIFI hotspot transmission: It can carry out point-to-point direct transmission, play local music in mobile phone or computer, stable transmission, strong anti-interference ability, lossless sound quality, and better effect. WI-FI wireless audio transmission has two working modes: AP mode (hot spot direct connection mode) and net mode (local area network mode).
  • No wiring required: WI-FI transmission is not limited by wiring conditions, which can make the room tidier. Fast transmission speed: WI-FI’s transmission speed is much higher than Bluetooth transmission, and the transmission quality is high: the audio source code can be transmitted, the sound quality is better, and the signal quality is better.
  • Support LAN transmission: mobile phone, laptop computer and WIFI audio module of this machine are connected to the wireless router to form a LAN connection. You can play network songs as you like and enjoy a huge online song library.


  • Product No.: TY-W01
  • Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 20KHz
  • Maximum power: 150W
  • Color: Black / Dark Gray
  • Net weight: 7.8Kgs
  • Net machine size: 400 × 174 × 194mm (W × H × D)
  • Application: living room, study, bedroom, desktop audio, office and other small environments, high-quality listening environment


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