• The application scene is rich, the scope is broad

The AD-68PR0 / AD-68B has a built-in high-fidelity DAC decoding circuit and an Aptx lossless Bluetooth receiving circuit, which can be easily accessed by current essential mobile phones, computers and other digital products, as well as traditional cds and dvds And Wireless, lossless transmission of high-quality music signal, so that good sound within reach, can be described as Tianyi new generation high-quality Hi-fi all-media amplifier.

  • Lossless reception of APTX Bluetooth Digital Signal

The amplifier is a high-end products of Tonewinner Hi-fi Series, support Aptx Bluetooth digital signal lossless reception, with 24BIT / 192KH / digital DAC decoding, with fiber input, coaxial input, and specially designed for senior enthusiasts dynamic circle and dynamic magnetic head amplification of Eros and a series of major upgrades.

  • The fuselage is thin, the appearance is exquisite

Slim and delicate body design, all-aluminum Chassis, Lake Blue LCD DOT screen, aluminum remote control, fever-grade Sound Quality

Elec. Parameters:

  • Signal to noise ratio: >95dB (A weighting)
  • Distortion: <0.05% (1KHz, normal working bar
  • Frequency response: 20Hz—60KHz (+l/—3dB)
  • Maximum voltage gain: >40dB
  • Maximum undistorted output power:
    95w (mono test, 8Ω, THD=I%, 1KHz)
    85w (two-channel test, 8Ω, THD=I%, 1KHz)
    150W (mono test, 4Ω, THD=1%, 1KHz)
    125W (two-channel test, 4Ω, THD=I%, 1KHz)
  • Power consumption: 250W/8Ω; 400W/4Ω
  • Package weight: 13.3Kg
  • Packing size: 524 × 514 × 152mm (WxDxH)